One cartridge. problem on 3880

Hi – Perhaps someone has a solution?
On a used Epson 3880 which works perfectly with OEM cartridges, I replaced with new cartridges and chip extenders filled with Piezo Flush. First problem was that it showed that my maintenance cart was full. So replaced it with a new maintenance cartridge.
Read that someone suggested that I go back to the OEM cartridges and see if the Maintenance problem goes away – it did. Now I have one by one changed the cartridges back to the flush ones – however the LC cartridge keeps reading as a non Epson cartridge. I put the OEM chip back into the epson cartridge and it reads fine. I have tried the flush cartridge with two different chips from two different top extenders, neither works.
Any suggestions?

tom nelson

Hi Everyone –
I think I have found a solution to my own question.

So, If all the OEM cartridge chips are working, but the refillable cartridge controller chip doesn’t show up – check this one thing.

I found it be accident. The controller chip is a very smart idea and should work if they are installed with care. I tried a number of things, used contract cleaner (Deoxit) with swab to gently clean the contracts on both the OEM chip, the controller chip, and the mateing printer contacts. Be cautious and watch for loose fibers from the swab.

The controller chip is held onto the plastic holder with little nibs or tits of plastic that align the chip so that it should align with the printer contracts. I noticed some of the leading edge plastic nibs are a touch high, maybe a 1/32inch – just high enough to lift the printer contract wire up so that contact is not made with the gold contact just aft of it. Look at is horizontally and you can see the extra height on the nib. So, using an exacto knife or sharp razor I cut the plastic nibs down. The chip will still hold it’s position, but contact will be made.

Maybe this will solve some of the problems with some of the refillable cartridges not seating and making contact. It’s better than trying to alter the position of the cartridge with shims of paper, etc.

I made one mistake however. In switching back and forth from OEM to refillable repeatedly to test everything, remember that the chip when put back in the OEM cartridge is just resting in the indent on the top, so when I ejected the cartridge the OEM chip went flying back into the printer. Tried everything to retrieve it but hopefully it in not in the gear mechanism – otherwise another larger problem. Still waiting to print with the Piezo inks,


We’re sending you a new LC control chip ASAP. Sometimes these control chips can be a bit miss-fit.

You’ll need to find a new/old LC OEM chip however (or retrieve yours from it’s printer depths).


Thanks walker.
Received the replacement LC Chip. Worked. I head also ordered two sets of cartridges, one to use for flushing, the other to load with Piezo Pro ink. Took a while to get the epson 3880 to read all the the carts. Lots of futzing. Finally got the 3880 flushed and all nozzles cle@n. Just loaded the new set with the inks. Still funky. Finally got the 3880 to see all the carts, sometimes by putting tape under OEM Chips to help the contact with the Piezo chips.
Now… can’t get the printer to not report the maintenance cart is full, even when I install new maintenance cart…
Going to unplug and let the VRAM discharge and try in the AM. RATHER frustrating, but once the 3880;gets going it seems like a solid workhorse, so to speak. Thanks again, Tom Nelson