One Baryta paper for both PiezoPro and ConeColor Pro inks

When I first started piezo printing, I tried many different papers Until I eventually standardized on Hahnemulle Photo Rag. In the days before GLoss Overcoat, I only printed on matte papers.

Now I want to standardize on one baryta paper for both the soon to be released Piezography Pro ink and ConeColor Pro ink. I realize how subjective this next question is. I’m asking in hopes of avoiding having to purchase multiple brands and shorten my testing cycle.

Do you have a recommendation for a starting paper that you believe is ideal for both PiezoPro and ConeColor Pro?

I recommend you try JonCone Studio Type 5 paper, which you can get a 5 sheet sample pack of here:
You may also want to get a sample pack of Canson and Hahnemuhle gloss papers (which we don’t sell, but you can find online). I personally like Canson Baryta and Photo Satin, and Hahnemuhle FineArt Pearl and Baryta Satin papers.

Happy printing~ Dana

Also, the upcoming Canson Baryta Prestige is pretty awesome. We have a pre-production roll in-house that we are testing now.


Canson Baryta Prestige contains “very low” OBA. In your opinion, is that negligible. I’m wondering how long it would be before I would see a color shift or brightness change.

I think it’s negligible especially due to the gloss coating of the paper (better environmental sealing) and also because upcoming pro will coat the white of the paper.