Okay to lay carts on side to install new chips?

I got the new chips for my set of refillable 9800 carts and I’ve looked at the instruction sheet for installing them, but a question remains; Is it okay to lay a filled cart on its side? I ask, because it seems like the air valve near the top of the cart might become somehow compromised if ink gets into it. Chip replacement would be so much easier if the laying over is okay, and the instruction sheet is silent on the subject.

Hoping that someone can speedily let me know, so I can get my printer working!

Thanks for your attention,

(Walter Hawn)

Hi Walt,

The Air vent you are referring too has a one way valve, meaning ONLY air can come in through the valve from the outside and Ink cannot leave through the valve because it is locked from passage on that side of the valve. So to answer your question, Yes you can lay the cartridge on it’s side for chip replacement.


Thanks Kelly,

I went ahead and did the chips with the carts in the upright position. Wasn’t all that hard, but it’s nice to know that the ink will stay inside, where it belongs.