OK to power down midway through Power Clean?

I was running a Power Clean on my 7880 (for the first time in 8 years) and about 50% in, the Maintenance Tank Full advice stopped the process.

I have two OEM maintenance tanks, and I’ve been resetting the chips sucessfully until now with the resetter I got from IJM for the refillable carts. Actually, one chip died a few months ago, and it appears that the second chip has just died too - I can’t reset it. I tried a chip from a refillable cart but no good. I saw in another thread that Dana just changed tanks when a chip died, so I presume that means you don’t supply chips for tanks.

So I have a printer 50% through a Power Clean cycle, and a wait of up tp a week to get a new tank. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of powering down a printer midway through a Power Clean cycle? Is it OK to do, or should I leave the printer powered up until I can replace the tank?


It’s ok to power it down.

It will start the initial fill from 0% when you re-start with the new tank in.