Odd thing happened with P800 tonight... Not sure what it means


I have a P800 running the Pro inks in your carts with the cart chip emulator board.

While printing tonight, the printer finished a print and then suddenly didn’t recognize any of the installed cartridges. I opened the door, pulled a cart or two and then re-installed them and wasn’t able to get the printer to recognize them.

Then, I unplugged the emulator board from the power outlet briefly and then plugged it back in, but the printer didn’t recognize the carts.

Then, I turned off the printer and then turned it back on. The printer then recognized the carts, but it appears that it thinks all the carts are brand new (it lost the ink levels).

So that means I’m going to have to pull all the carts and top them off so that they don’t run out.

At no time did I touch the ink cart reset button on the board. Also, the lowest cart was probably about 1/4 or 1/5 full based on the display on the printer before it lost the recognition of the carts.

So, I’m wondering if this happens commonly, and did it just use one instance of the chip serial numbers even though it wasn’t fully depleted, or did it somehow restart the carts on the previous serial numbers?

Any ideas? I hope the printer doesn’t become unstable and burn through the resets on the board prematurely.


I have not seen this happen. Normally the cartridges will get to 1/5th full and then indicate empty at which point the reset switch must be hit and carts topped off. I suggest keeping the board unplugged until you need to reset it. This could have been a power issue to the board.

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Ok, that sounds good. I suspect the one cart was at empty, so maybe it somehow caused a reset on the carts.

I’ll keep it unplugged from now on. I’m not sure, but I don’t recall that being in the instructions.