Occasional single occurrence very dark print R2880

Yesterday was the third time that I have experienced a print come out of my 2880 with K-7 inks MK and when tried again works fine. What could possibly cause this one time only change. In every case I have used the same settings as these 8x10 matte prints are part of a series. Sample attached. Any ideas!?light%20%26%20dark

I think this is a permissions issue with a specific curve that you were selecting (or you were selecting no curve at all for the dark one).

Re-install QTR and this will fix the permissions and resolve this issue from happening.


I’ll certainly try that, but more than once it has happened when I was in a series of prints and just went to the next image without changing anything and clicked print. Could the curve “change itself” or somehow not be recognized on one print and then correct itself on the next?


I think I handled this by email. BUT, the curve can’t just change itself. However, if something happens on the system (upgrade, etc) this can effect the permissions on the curve itself and cause QTR not to be able to access it. When QTR can’t access the curve it prints all the channels at 100% (thus the dark image).


sorry for the late reply, your email reply was stuck in limbo.

Thanks Walker, this sheds some light on the situation. I’ll see if it happens again.