Nozzle Checks

I have a new refurbished 1430 and the Selenium inks for PiezoDN. The printer worked fine with the Epson inks. It printed well and nozzle checks perfect. I put in the Piezo inks and could not get a decent nozzle check. Multiple tries to clean and one check might be close, then the next horrible. And I mean horrible. I discussed with Wells who sent me new cartridges but there is no change. I have reinserted the Epson inks and again nozzle checks perfect. Not sure where to go from here. Please help. Thanks!
Dave Dennard

Dear Dave. I’m sorry to hear of your troubles.

Are the carts you are using Key and Capsule carts or the straight refill carts?

There are a few different designs and some 1430 printers perform much better with one vs another.

On a side note, we have re-designed small format cartridges (1430, R2880, R2000, P400) to our own specs recently (much better than what is out in the world currently) and will be releasing these shortly. It may be a few weeks. In the meantime, if these refill carts are not working we can get you a key/capsule system for this printer and try that.


Hi Walker,

Wells initially was going to send me the Key and Capsules to replace my straight refills but then indicated they weren’t available at this time. As an aside, the explanation for blobs is usually something not clean like the capping station, but on both sets of carts, the first nozzle check had blobs though they did not return on further checks. Makes me think the carts don’t fit too well and extra ink drains out.

If the Key and Capsules become available, I guess that’s the only hope right now.



I’m putting you on a list for the new carts when they arrive.




I assume that you’re not going to be supplying carts for older printers, like the R1900. Will it be an option to buy the new carts for say the R2880, and swap in the R1900 chips? Will the chips and / or chip holders be physically compatible?

The chips are a totally different mold I’m afraid. (more intuitive clip design though).