Nozzle checks get worse, not better as the Auto check goes on


I’ve been printing a LOT since finally getting my e7800 set up with IJM 350ml carts.

My prints are of very dark and muddy subjects (Post-Katrina landscapes and portraits), so I am not aware of nozzle issues until I do routine periodic nozzle checks.
I always begin with a linear simple Utility nozzle test from the computer, and then use the printer-initiated Nozzle Check test that prints the checkerboard lineup: K C M Y (over) LLK LM LC LK.
I load a sheet of Legal paper as the printer needs longer than 11" to complete the test. I adjust the paper size in the print dialog as such.

Strangely, the printer does specific color cleaning, and once the issue is cleared and perfect KCMY pattern is made, it prints the Lighter colors.

Now HERE’s the oddity I face: After fixing the KCMY, the LLK,LM,LC,LK pattern showed several gaps across three of the colors.
The printer stops cleaning/printing those colors, repeats the KCMY pattern and it has holes.

@ How does it get so much different/worse immediately after showing a perfect KCMY pattern??

@ How come the Epson fails to continue fixing the Light inks color set, and instead stops nozzle testing and adds a status count text and stops?

I also did a manual head clean using the windex PTowl method following instructions, and that has worked perfectly before.
I have not done a power clean, as I am trig not to waste materials.

Dana, can you weigh in here?



PS I could not get the image upload attachment of my pattern page to upload. I can send it via email if that helps.


Hi DJ~

Especially if you have been printing a lot, you should be regularly cleaning your printer’s capping station and wiper blade, following our instructions, here:, and on occasion if you’re dealing with stubborn missing or mis-firing nozzles like you are now, gently clean the bottom of your print head.

I never like using the auto nozzle checks, and always use the manual nozzle checks to evaluate all 8 channels, and proceed with a cleaning cycle, or manual cleaning if needed.
Missing nozzles can move around after cleaning cycles if there’s air in the ink system, if dampers are old and have build up on the screens that’s restricting ink flow, and/or a dirty print head or other parts inside the printer.

For info on how to upload images, please follow these instructions:

I hope this helps, please let me know.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: