Nozzle check shows cyan lines are not printing correctly?


Hello all. New here and very new to large format printers. I have an Epson Stylus Pro 7700 that i recently purchased used from a screen printing shop. I have run piezo flush through the unit following the very helpful directions and video. As well as cleaning the print head and scrubber using another inkjetmall video. I did all this before even trying to print anything. I have all new refillable cartridges and ink. I did a purge and super clean as well as a nozzle check. Being new to this i have no idea what i was looking at. So, I did my first print and the image has i guess its called “banding” running horizontal on the sheet. I did some research and performed another nozzle check and noticed the cyan lines are not clean like the other colors. They seem to be more stepped out offset. I also performed a head alignment (auto) and every color looked great except the cyan. They were very dirty looking and not crisp and clean like the other colors. What is this an indication of? Is there something i can do that fixes it? Again, I’m very new so go easy on me and try not to use abbreviations cause i probably won’t know what you mean. Thank you everyone.

This indicates deflected nozzles. You have a very dirty head.

Time for this: How to Professionally Clean Epson 7890, 9890, 7900 & 9900 printers - YouTube


Thank you Walker. This is the video I followed when i tried cleaning it. I will try again as it seems i may not have performed the cleaning properly. I’ll do so and update the results. Thank you again!

Is it safe to follow the print head cleaning procedure with the paper towel and piezo under the print head and leave the paper towel to soak the print head overnight? With the ink still in the lines?


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Here’s the results.

I soaked the print head using piezo and a paper towel under the print head for roughly 10 hours. Then performed the cleaning of the print head as the video described. I did this until there was 0 ink on the paper towel. I did need to perform an initial fill because when performing a nozzle check after cleaning the print head, none of the nozzles were printing ink. I believe the paper towel had wicked the ink from the print head. Performing an initial fill resolved that issue. However, the cyan nozzle are still the same with maybe a small amount of improvement.

As far as the cyan nozzles being deflected, is there another course of action i can try to resolve this? Am i able to remove the print head and soak it in piezo? Is there something else recommended to try?

I appreciate all the help this far and am learning quite a bit from this experience.

hmm, if nozzles are still deflected it indicates crud just inside the nozzle plate.

The head needs to be removed.
The head needs to sit in a few mm of flush
The small format cleaning unit needs to be inserted over the inlet spike on the head and then piezoflush needs to be drawn backwards up through the nozzle plate holes through the inlet spike.


Ok great. When reinstalling the print head after removal is there anything special that needs to be done as far as making sure the head is aligned? Or is it a simple as remove, reinstall, check nozzle pattern?

The epson service manual is available when you are a member.


Thank you very much!

I have removed the printhead, cleaned as instructed and reinstalled, followed the service manual procedures for reinstalling the components and the result is still the same. I’m at a loss. Not sure what else I could do other than replacing the printhead. Which, I believe that is something I’m not able to perform myself as I don’t have the service tools or service software.