Nozzle Check Mystery

I’ll try to make this as to the point as possible:

Running a 1430 with your new interchangeable ink system. Probably has nothing to do with the new system, because I had this same problem with your old refillable Carts for the 1430 figured maybe it was a cart clog issue so I’d try your new system. When I run Nozzle checks this color seems to have missing bands on the nozzle print every time I run one. It’s the Magenta, but I doubt the color has anything to do with it. What’s happening is BANDING in a shade of green at the beginning and ending of 13x19 borderless prints. I have flushed it with your cleaning solution and kit and I have even run purge pages and head cleanings with a tank full of your cleaning solution but no matter what I do I can’t solve this issue. Help Please…:slight_smile:

Hi Blizz~

Banding and poor print quality on the top and bottom of the sheet with printing borderless is normal, the print driver even has a warning that says exactly this on the Print Settings window when you select borderless paper size.

If you have missing nozzles in your magenta channel, this is different. Did you have issues with this channel fully printing when using the previous model refill carts? When did the missing nozzles in the magenta channel start? Are they always the same exact nozzles missing, or do the gaps move around? You say you’ve flushed the print head with our print head cleaning kit, but have you cleaned the printer’s capping station, bottom of the print head and/or wiper blade? If not, you can find this and other helpful information (along with our desktop printer maintenance video) here:

Please let me know your results/answers, if you have questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure the nozzle is the issue with the banding. Yes I had the same issue with both refillable cart systems. It started some time ago, I have usually been able to adjust the settings to max dpi print and get an acceptable output at the cost of more than double the print time, but that’s not even working anymore. The gaps in the nozzle check printout move around, usually after I attempt a cleaning cycle. Flushed the head, cleaned capping station and bottom of printhead/wiper blade, basically did everything shown in your video.

Honestly, is there a Tech Support email address? This forum only response method is getting irritating, 4 days later I have had one response that was more or less questioning me on the problem more so than actually giving advice/thought on a possible problem solving solution. I’ll stop there before saying things that may get me even less help, but one of your selling points on me selecting your products over others was the fact you had INSTANT FREE Technical Support… sigh…

We offer paid technical support by phone if you want hand holding. But, this is far more efficient and cost effective. You are seeking help and if you knew the reason for the problem you could solve it yourself. For us to solve it we need to eliminate a number of issues which will allow us to give you advice. You may have tried everything you know - so now allow us to try everything we know. Technical support is a system of identifying the source of the issue. it’s not much different than going to a doctor who needs to find out what he is treating. Otherwise they just pour lots of drugs into the symptoms (which can be the same for quite different ailments). We’re trying to understand what exactly is the issue that you can not remedy on your own.

If you would like to do this by phone or privately you can go to this link:

Well, I seemed to have gotten your attention, but again, no help in any ideas on what I can try. I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but I could really use some help and 4 days later after supplying information you ask for, I still have no ideas on things I can try. Thanks

Hi Blizz~

We offer free tech support via this support forum, and do our best to respond as quick as possible (though, we don’t promise “instant” response). Our office hours are M-F 9am-5pm, and you responded to my last message after I left on Friday evening, and I have been working on several priority things things this morning, so haven’t had a chance to respond sooner.

If the missing nozzles were causing the banding, you would have banding thru out the image in any area that uses this ink, not just at the top and bottom of the sheet. Can you attach a photo or scan showing an example of your problem for me to see? This will help me better understand what you’re dealing with. A scan/photo of a printed nozzle check would also be helpful to see.
You should always print with the best quality settings for optimal results.
Are the other five channels printing well?

Generally, if the missing nozzles move around, that’s often caused by air. I could send you a new magenta capsule to try, to rule out the current capsule causing flow issues with this channel, but since you had the same results with this channel using a different cart, I suspect it may be a physical issue with your printer, unrelated to the carts or inks you’re using. I also see you purchased a print head cleaning kit in your initial order with the first set of refillable carts (without ink). What ink did you use in the first set of carts? Did you get the print head cleaning kit because you were having issues at that time?
Print heads don’t last forever, and the 1400/1430 printers are not professional quality (though can produce very nice results, especially considering their low cost). There is a lot you can do to get the best results and longest life from your printer, but some things are out of your control (we’ve received a 1400 that didn’t work right out of the box), and many people use the 1400/1430 as a decent quality low cost printer, that they replace every year or so because they generally don’t last as long as professional model printers.

Having said all this, I would be happy to review printed examples of your output to see if it sheds new light that would help me help you get back to printing.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

More fun trying to attach, gonna try adding the photo’s here… Not working… I can’t get your system to allow attachments or link the photo’s in this message… sigh, this is really got me ready to throw this printer and PC right out the window… Thanks for the help here Dana, but this is just about all the fun I can take… can’t get the photo’s to you…

No idea if this is working…

Thanks for the photos, they are very helpful to see.

The magenta channel of your nozzle check certainly isn’t good, and won’t produce the best quality output- but the print example you attached shows the typical borderless print quality on the top and bottom 1" of paper, so you are dealing with two separate issues. If you print with a minimum 1" top and bottom margins, does the banding still occur, or is the whole image area even print quality?
The nozzle checks show a few of the same nozzles missing in each printout, but as you reported many of the missing nozzles move around, which may be related to air.
What inks were you using in the fist set of refillable carts you got from us? Please clarify- did you order the print head cleaning kit because you were experiencing issues prior to using our carts/inks?
What is the humidity in your print environment?

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana :slight_smile:

Wow, didn’t see this reply because it went to a second page… Just the way my day is going…lol If I DON’T select Photo DPM and just select photo in the printer set up box, I can see banding throughout the entire photo, with the DPM selected it’s just the top or bottom where the banding is noticeable, and again, the banding seems to vary after a few prints seeming to get worse and worse till I flush and run threw another cleaning cycle. The banding does seem to occur ONLY on border-less prints, as when I select an 8x10 the top and bottom banding does not occur.

If there is an air issue in the print head, is that something I can solve? I don’t use your inks, only your carts. The ink I use is half your cost, so I am just trying to maximize my profits and it’s the same ink I have used for a few years and this issue occurred with both your cart systems, but I don’t think the carts are the problem anymore. Is it just possible the 1430 can’t handle the volume of 13x19 border-less prints I am running threw it, I mean have I wore out the Magenta Print-head? Would you suggest another epson that can handle large volumes? I would estimate I do 50 13x19 prints a week plus another 100 or more 8x10’s… Thanks Dana

Hi Blizz~

Thanks for the additional information, it is all very helpful. You have confirmed the borderless banding issue at the top and bottom of your prints is specific to borderless printing, which is normal.

Considering the facts of your situation, I suspect your print head may just be worn out and not working well anymore. Our cartridges are exactly the same for all color positions, but use different chips specific to the color channel, so if you’ve had the same results with one individual channel after using two sets of carts, but the other channels/carts are working pretty well, that rules out the carts.
With the amount of printing you do, this printer can give you great results and last a while, but considering the low cost of the printer, is often disposed of and replaced with another every year or so.

~Dana :slight_smile:

So it’s not an issue of air in the print-head that I may be able to cure? Kinda sucks if that’s not the case, I have 2 sets of fairly new refillable ink carts sitting here if the printer is wore out already. In any case, what model would you suggest I move to that is capable of handling the load that I am putting threw it? Thanks again Dana…

Well, I’m not at your printer, but based on the information and prints you provided, I suspect you may be dealing with a physical issue with your print head.
If this was air related, then you would not have the same results with two different magenta carts, and you would be able to get good results provided the carts contain enough ink, are tapped exit valve down to force air up/ink down, air vent open, and cartridge fully installed for a good connection with the printer. Unlike pro model printers, the 1430 cartridges install directly onto the print head, so just a few cleaning cycles will purge air from the print head. Based on your printing needs, you could either use the 1430 as an inexpensive decent quality machine, and get a new one every year or so when needed, or spend more $ on a better quality model that may last longer (but it’s not a guarantee). The R2880 is a great desktop model (carts install directly onto the print head), and the R3000 is the next step up- with ink lines and dampers, and larger carts. The 3880 is like a bigger version of the R3000 (also with ink lines and dampers), but can print up to 17" wide paper.

I hope this helps.
All the best~ Dana :slight_smile:

The Models with the lines and dampers seem to me to be a bit more of an issue if I needed to problem solve. I mean, right now I just slap in a cart with a flushing solution when I have a nozzle clog problem, but that would seem to not be an option when dealing with a model that has long feed lines rather than the cart just sitting on the Print Head. What exactly does the “R” represent in the Epson model line, and of the 3 you mention, which would be best suited for durability without any sacrifice in quality?

Yes, ink lines and dampers add more factors, though for the amount of printing you do, the larger carts and pro model machine may work better for your needs (much less replacing/refilling cartridges).
There are pros and cons to different models, and it’s important to consider all the factors when selecting the best model to fit your needs.

I’m not exactly sure what the “R” stands for. Based on my personal experience with many different Epson printer models, as I said before, I feel you will get the best results with the R2880 or R3000, but it may be worth reading the specs of different models and/or calling to talk with a sales rep to determine the best printer for your needs in regards to quality/durability/cost. Your results with any printer will depend a lot of how it’s used and maintained.

All the best~ Dana :slight_smile: