Nozzle Check and workflow

Hello! Quick question regarding nozzle checks.

When I do a nozzle check and most often receive a perfect pattern on my 7890 with Pro inks, I sometimes follow up a regular cleaning. But then after the cleaning, I get a nozzle check that shows issues. And then I need several cleanings to make it perfect again. I have been assuming that the first nozzle check that comes out perfect is not a true indication as ink sits behind the print head?

I do weekly nozzle checks when I am not printing. I have never had any serious issues with my 7890 and Piezo inks. The Pro inks seem even easier to work with in this regards.

So my question is, after a week of my printer idle, if I get a perfect nozzle check on my first nozzle test pattern, should i just leave it at that or is that initial check “superficial.”

Regards, Ralph

If a cleaning produces problematic nozzles (random outs) this indicates a dirty wiper or capping/pump-cap station.