None of the nine IJM cartridges are recognized by the P600

I bought the P600 last fall to replace my old 1280 and have just finally run down the Epson provided inks.

I successfully removed the ink reservoir cover, installed the loaded IJM reuseable cart kits filled with the correct respective inks, and installed the ink cover switch. All of the cartridges are seated as the printer sees that they are there, BUT … the error message appears in the printer status window for ALL cartridge positions … “cartridge not recognized”

To troubleshoot:

  1. used the “troubleshooting and helpful information” insert # 119 that came with the cartridge set which suggested the “printer off and on approach” multiple times with no effect

  2. I found buried in a similar response from Walker Maxwell: “There’s a little warning about these carts. You don’t want to pull these when the ink cover switch is in the printer. If you do, it can short out the chip. Did that happen?”

My answer: “Maybe” … “could have” … as I am not intimate yet with the operation flow of this printer.

What do you suggest that I do?

Thanks … you guyz are great!

Ok. First things is first.

  1. Turn printer off AND UNPLUG IT.
  2. Take out all your cartridges and verify that you have the right carts in the right slots.
  3. Put them back in.
  4. Put the cartridge cover tab in.
  5. Put the printer cover tab in.
  6. Turn on printer.

You should get a “these are non-genuine” warning at this point but if you have a cartridge recognition error it could be that the carts were pulled at some point while the ink cover tab was in. Please verify and we’ll go from there. Chips are replaceable on these guys.


Sorry, no change … I followed your instructions precisely.

Next step?

Thank you.


We’re going to do an RMA on the chips.

I will need to get the carts back to do a full diagnostic on our multiple P600s in-lab in order to diagnose the issue properly.

Well’s will be in touch Monday.