Non-US 1430 carts



I’m contemplating getting a 1430. When I look at carts, it looks like they are different to the ones sold in Australia. Is there an issue, or are the carts OK?


The 1430 in the USA uses the 79 cartridge model. I think the 1430 in Australia uses a different cartridge.


So I would need to source carts elsewhere?


yes you would.


Thanks Jon.


Well, that has been a disaster! I purchased two sets of the 81 model Australian carts. They proceeded to dump their contents in my brand new printer. A couple even leak in the box. Of course, the Epson carts loaded and were perfect immediately. I’m wondering whether the chip is the only thing that is different, and whether, I could harvest the ones that I have and put them on a set of US carts.

Any ideas?


This is clever idea, one that I cannot verify, so I cannot support this clever idea because I have no way of knowing if it will work! I would suspect the chips are the only difference, the physical make up of the cartridge should be easy to identify, as well as the chip holder design (this might be different between manufacture). It’s your call, we can’t support it, but would love to know if it works! Cheers-Kelly


Thanks Kelly. Hopefully, someone will have done it. I’ll try the other sources of knowledge too.


My understanding is that a number of Epson desktop printers have the same refillable shells, but different chips and labels. E.g. the R1900 & R2880. From what I can tell from looking at pictures, the 1430 also seems to use the same shell - is that right? if so, I could send Jeff my spare unused set of 2880 carts (since mine is using OEM at the moment as you may recall) and he could swap the chips over. This would be a faster and cheaper way to test this theory than shipping halfway around the planet.


Yes, this is correct, the 1400/1430 and the 2880 share the same cartridge body, just different chips.


Thanks Kelly. It sounds like I need to do a bit of chip harvesting on my carts and transferring them to Brian’s carts. Ah, the fun of life in the world of refillable carts.


Back again, I abandoned and sold my 1430 as I just couldn’t get a consistent nozzle check or stop the carts leaking. On another forum, the EasyFill cart was suggested by a US 1430 user who was using them for Eboni ink with great success. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t try them for a K6 setup. I couldn’t find the filling instructions for them either so can’t see what is involved.


Hi Jeff~

We have great results with both our EasyFill keys and capsules in desktop printer models, with all kids of different inks.
You can find empty keys and capsules for the 1400/1430 printer model, here:
on the “Technology” tab of both the keys and capsules product pages, there are instructions that show filling (simply inject thru the fill hole after removing the plug), as they’re named- they are very “easy” to fill/refill and use. We also just made a video for this product, though need to finish editing before it’s released/unloaded.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hi Dana,

Thanks. I may give another 1430 a try, and would try these carts. Having had such bad experience with my last attempt, my first question is ‘why aren’t you pushing these harder’. If there is a better way than the traditional carts surely they are the way to go for any new user.

As a complete aside, it occurs to me that Roy’s new droplet is a great way to linearise for different amounts of GO. That way you could have 30K, 35K etc from one curve.