No Profile for Hot Press Bright for 9880?

So, I use Cone Color Inks in my 9880 for a project using Epson Hot Press Bright paper. I cannot find a profile for Hot Press Bright for my printer in Photoshop. I just got off the phone with Epson, who said that a profile was never made for that printer/paper combination (I didn’t mention which inks I was using).

Can this be right? If there is no profile for my printer and that paper, do I just find something that is close. Ultrasmooth Fine Art often works with these matte papers.

Any suggestions here I might get a profile for my printer and Hot Press Bright?

We do not have a CC-specific HPBr paper but the Enhanced Matte CCPro profile will get you close (weirdly enough).


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When you say “CC Pro” is this one of your profiles? Not Epson’s? and if it
is yours, how can I get it? Again, I have a 9880.



In the group of profiles you shared with me, there was not an “Enhanced
Matte.” Does it go by a new name now? Pure Premium or something like that?

Yes. Premium Presentation Matte is its new name.


My understanding is that what was sold in North America as Epson Enhanced Matte (EEM) is now sold as Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte Paper.

Epson confuses people by changing the names of their papers from time to time. Many years ago it was sold under the misleading name of Epson Archival Matte (this claim was disputed by Dana but I stand by it), and it is still sold as such outside North America, e.g Australia. To make matters works, I’m fairly sure that rolls here are sold as EEM and sheets as EAM.

The term “Ultra” is key here, because what was Matte Paper Heavyweight is now (non-ultra) Premium Presentation Paper Matte and, for the sake of completeness, Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper is now (non-ultra non-premium) Presentation Paper Matte. There used to be an official Epson page that showed all these correspondences, but they have removed it.

Thanks, Brian. I have found Epson’s “renaming” strategy absolutely
mind-boggling and needlessly complicated.

I appreciate you trying to make it clear to me which one to try to
approximate my Hot Press Bright.



I can’t offer any advice about HPB substitutes, only name changes. In that thread I linked to above, there was a link to an Epson page that listed the name changes (although it didn’t deal with the “archival” controversy). That page is now gone, but I managed to find it on the Way Back Machine archive:

I will print this and save it forever. Thank you so much!