No P2HD QTR curve showing in Print Tool

I’m printing SpecEd inkset on a P800, with the Quad P800-HDP2 printer installed.
I just changed from K7HD to P2HD, with the new ink positions (Photo Blk in Y, PZ Flush in PK, etc).
Prints are coming out very dark, nearly black.
When I go to print with the QTR print settings on QuadToneRIP, no curves show, all 3 are on ‘None’.
Any help appreciated, I’m pretty new to this, so in could be a very newby basic error somewhere.


  1. Re-install quadtonerip.
  2. Delete whatever piezo printers have installed (from the Printers and Scanners section of system preferences)
  3. Go to the Curves-HD > P800 P2 folder and run the installer command again.

This should fix it.

If no you have a system security flag that is too restrictive and you need to run this command in terminal and run the installer again:

sudo chmod -R 777 /Library/Printers/QTR/quadtone


Sorted it I think. Curves showing OK now. Print a bit light, but I can work on that.
Thanks Walker.

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