No ink coming out

My 11 year old 4880 has stopped printing. The printer had been working normally and had a good nozzle check the day before. Then a print came out flooded with ink. A second attempt gave the same result. There was no error message from the printer. Thinking that there might be a software malfunction QTR, Piezography and Print Tool were all reinstalled. The Mac iOS had not been recently updated. The printer continued with the flooding. The printer was disconnected from the computer and a nozzle check run. The result was two black strips the height of the print head. Next using a PC a print was made from LightRoom which produced a ghost image. A second print was attempted. No ink came out. The print head moved back and forth as if it was printing. An internet search did not shed any light on the problem. Is the print head burnt out? Has the ink delivery system failed? Is it time for a new printer?

Mike M

Print head control board is burnt. When voltage goes to 1 nozzle all nozzles are firing. It died of old age. I’ve seen this happen before.


Thank you for the explanation. I figured the printer was toast. A new P800 arrived today. Is there much risk installing the chipless software?

Mike Mathers

Not really any risk with chinless. Just make sure it all happens in sequence per instructions