No Color After Piezo Flush

In the process of converting my 3800 over to Cone Color. Started out about two weeks ago by switching out the LLK and Yellow. All was well except for the ongoing clog in the magenta channel.
Ordered a new cartridge and ink to replace Photo Black along with cartridge and Piezo Flush in an attempt to finally fix the magenta clog.

Following the instructions I ran two power clean cycles and let sit overnight. Next day ran one more power clean followed by nozzle check. I now have no color on any of the channels, with significant clogs on every channel. Ran a small 8 x 10 color image through and came out with no color and black ink running across the surface of the print. Has anyone ever come across anything like this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Bob Hudak

Hi Bob~

YIKES! Have you removed the PK and M refill carts from your printer and checked them? Have you manually cleaned your printer’s capping station, wiper blade and/or bottom of the print head? If not, instructions can be found here:

The cartridges are pressurized by the printer to get ink flowing to the head. I would think if a cartridge was damaged and leaking, it would be leaking from the cartridge chamber and not the print head. Leaking from the print head would be caused by a dirty or damaged print head or damper, or excessive pressure on the carts- but the printer pressurizes all carts equally, starting from one side (the left I believe).
About how old is this printer? Magenta is often the first to show signs of restricted ink flow due to build up in the dampers, which is an indication that your printer is older and needs the dampers/ink selector unit replaced.

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana

Hi Dana,

Thank you for your reply. I have removed all of the carts and checked them. The PK with Cone Color is completely empty one day after install. This after running the three total power clean cycles one or two nozzle checks and two 8 x 10 test prints. I filled as your instructions to 70ml primed and installed as I did with your LLK and Yellow. All were operating fine before adding the PK and the Piezo Flush to the mix.

I did not find any leaking from the cartridge chamber on any of the inks. I have cleaned more than once the capping station, wiper blade and the bottom of the print head. I do that on an ongoing basis as part of my maintenance with this printer. As far as age goes, more than a few years, I’m not sure. Most of my work is in Silver or Platinum. The 3800 is used mainly for my note cards that I offer.


Bob Hudak