No Cartridge - Install Ink Cartridge



I am having a persistent problem with the Y slot of a 7900. First the chip was not recognised some time ago, even after resetting. I replaced the chip with the one from a flush cart and it was fine (after some buggering around) for some time. Then spontaneously I get the same error. I ordered 2 new chips. Its a long lead time for them to get here. Today they arrived. Still no luck. I cant get the new chips to be recognised either and I have tried every trick I know. Using card to shift the carts left, etc.

What would be the most sensible course of action to get some ink flowing through my printer, for its health as well as mine.



Well after many hours of trying this and that, I have solved the problem by placing a small piece of paper under the front end of the chip to raise it very slightly.