NigelC Non resetting of refilled R3000 cartridges

Hi, I have just refilled my R3000 cartridges with ConeColor Pro.(T157* series)
The printer recognizes the cartridges but does not reset to show them as being full.
I am using the the newer type chip that are programmed to automatically reset.
What do I do now? They can’t be manually reset.

Walker, if you are there I thought you may be interested to know that it took 4 months in the post between your dispatch and arrival in Cape Town South Africa!!! Never again.

These chips only reset after “running” empty. There is no connection to the actual amount of ink the carts (aka, they do not reset when you refill).

Print and wait until it gets very low and then stop your printer, then pull and put back in printer.

Instructions talk about this: R3000 and P600 Refillable Cartridge Instructions

I am not sales, I am not the owner of this business. I am tech support only so I have no knowledge of this particular order as I was not involved, however I did do a search I can tell you that we’ve sent 10 or so packages there all of which arrived in a week or so. Your package may have included blunt tip syringes which some countries are getting more and more strict about . . .


Hi Walker, Sorry I did not mean to upset you.
This is not a complaint, the package arrived from the States in 4 days, it took 4 months to get from Johannesburg to Cape Town via the South African Postal System!!! No fault of yours, our postal system is now almost non functional. I will have to resort to door to door courier which is very expensive for small packages. The package was a set of new chips for the cartridges.
Thanks for the re-assurance. I have been filling all my cartridges when one gets low. Is this bad practice?

That is good practice!