Next steps with used P9000

Hi, I recently purchased a used P9000 and can’t clear the green channel. From the nozzle checks I’ve seen on here, I’m assuming that it is beginning to delaminate and was wondering if it can be used for Piezography Pro?
I haven’t printed or updated any firmware/ software yet and was wondering what is the next step to do to get started with Piezography?


It’s de-laminated.


Hi Walker ! How do you tell it’s delamination vs a stubborn clog ?

I just read on another group you got married - congratulations!!

if the nozzle break is in the middle of the check and if there is a bowed-to-the-right nozzle fire it’s delaminated. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the congrats



I have a follow-on question…if one channel is delaminated, is the machine still suitable for Piezo Pro? I understand that its easy to ‘map out’ (bypass) the dead channel, but does the delamination not then tend to spread? Particularly I would guess to the partner channel (for example on the P9000 the Green and Orange share a space on the head)?

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