Next step after filling the PK Photo Black cart with Piezoflush in Epson 3800 with faulty MK/PK black switch value

I’ve ordered Piezoflush to fill my IJM PK cart since I intend to only print with MK Matte Black. This is because my Epson 3800 has a faulty switching valve and on occasional when I thought the printer was using the last MK setting it defaulted to PK. As you may know, this results in the PK cart draining completely.

I’ve read that it’s common practice to fill the PK cart with Piezoflush. After I do that, what is the next recommended step??? Would it be a good/bad idea to perform a MK/PK switch a few times? Or could this make matters worse?

note: I’m already using IJM carts. After the inadvertent switch when the PK cart drained, I managed to go from 0% MK Nozzle Checks to ~75% by running Auto Nozzle Checks until there was no further improvement. High-key prints are acceptable.

Hoping someone with knowledge of this problem could share their expertise.

while it is common to put flush in the PK slot when only running MK, this is only advisable if your damper is not leaking. You run the risk of an auto damper switch and mess in the future. I recommend keeping an empty cart in there.

The flush and backup cart will help in the future though. Good investment.


Thanks, Walker for your advice! You may have spared me from more headache.