Newly purchased cartridge not recognized by printer - Epson 9900

Hello, I have recently purchased a set of cartridges and have installed them into the printer. Our VM Cartridge is not being recognized by the 9900 at this point in time. I’ve installed a factory cartridge into the printer, and it is recognized by the unit, which leads me to believe that the chip on our cartridge might be faulty as I’ve had one go bad on my before with our 4900. As it is, we will need assistance in this matter as we are waiting on the 9900 to come online to open a new product line. Is there any immediate solution to fixing this short term?

Hi Aaron-DF. What is the exact error message displayed on the printer’s LCD screen? Please check the VM cartridge chip to make sure there’s nothing on it that could effect the printer’s ability to read it. Have you removed and reinserted the VM refill cart?

Please let me know so I can help you resolve this and get back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana

The screen is stating that there is no cartridge inserted when I’ve got it in. I’ve checked the interface points on both the cartridge and on the printer and they are both clear of obstructions. It seems like it is the chip that is not being recognized, as the printer picks up the factory unit just fine.

Is there a proposed solution for this? I do apologize for being a little pushy but our business has a bit of a critical need for this printer at this time.

Thanks for the update Aaron.
The “NO cartridge” error usually indicates the printer’s chip sensor doesn’t have good contact with the cartridge chip (a bad chip would give a different error).
When a cartridge is pushed to lock into the printer, it should slide out about 2/8" (so the back of the cart is just in front of the white line at the bottom of the cartridge chamber) to be at the final position for good connection between the cartridge chip and printer’s chip sensor.

We haven’t had chip or physical fit issues with these new model carts, though with the previous model cart there was an occasional issue that was resolved by taking a piece of typing paper about 4x6” and folding it lengthwise in half twice (so it makes a 1x6” strip), then placing it on the bottom of the cartridge bay while sliding the cartridge into place- this raises the cartridge up slightly, which is usually enough to make a good connection between the chip and chip sensor, and the carts/printer work great. It would be quick/easy for you to try this and let me know your results.

Thanks~ Dana

Alright, I’ve doublechecked the cartridge and made sure we had solid contact with our printer. I’ve attempted your solution as well, by placing a folded up paper along the underside of the cartridge and inserting it into the unit.

As it is, it continues to claim that there is no cartridge in the printer. I’ve tested it once again to see how it would react to the factory cartridge, and it picks it up just fine along with the rest of the refillable cartridges that I have ordered. (I do have a fair amount of technical experience in operating and maintaining these printers as well). I did previously have this same issue with my 4900 using the cartridges from your company as well, and a new chip resolved the problem. As these are new cartridges, I am going to respectfully request that we move the issue along and make a warranty claim on this cartridge in the interest of both resolving this problem expediently and in a way that is known to resolve the issue. We are unfortunately on a timetable here that cannot be pushed much further along before we start losing money on this problem.

Thanks for checking this. I will have a new cartridge sent to you right away. You can insert the cartridge (before filling with ink) to check the chip recognition, and if your printer accepts that cart, transfer the chip to the cart containing ink (attach to the cart using double sided tape, and make sure the chip is seated straight/flat on the cart). If that works, then it was an issue with the first chip, but if you continue having errors, then you will want to transfer ink into the second cart.

Please let me know if you have questions, your results, or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana

Thank you for resolving this for us, Dana.

You are very welcome- that’s what I’m here for!! :slight_smile: