Newly installed 3880 LLK cartridge fail

Hello and Happy Holidays. I have been printing cards for the season, and just installed the LLK replacement cartridge from you folks. It worked for about a dozen cards, and now I get the error message. Have tried resetting all cartridges, maintenance tray reset and re-install, no good. Swapped carts in slots 3 and 4 just to see what happened, printer recognized swapped carts as full. but not so when returned to correct slots. Re-installed OEM chip on OEM cart, and printer recognized the ink cart, although only 5% left. From what I have gleaned here, it seems the replacement cart chip for LLK has failed. Any help here?

Did you try to reset the control chip? This should never be done. The resetter is only for maintenance carts. The control/oem combo always reads full.

Tape over the solder points on the control chip so it’s more tightly secured to the cart. This usually fixes loose contact issue.

Please confirm,

Scotch tape worked over solder points. Seems low/no tech though

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