Newbie question about ink positions

Follow the P2 markings on the cartridges themselves for P2 on the P400.

It looks like the P2 position column for the P400 was not added to this instruction set. I will add that during next revision.


I am just getting started with Piezography. I purchased an Epson P400 printer and a set of inks for making digital negatives, specifically: PZP2-SEL-110-KIT8HD (Piezography2/PiezoDN: Selenium tone, 110 ml, set 8 matte & glossy with HD options).

The Piezography Ink Install Instructions for the P400 are very clear as to shade placement: the HD Photo Black ink goes in the Yellow position, Shade 6 goes in the Magenta position, and so-on.

However if I follow The Refillable Cartridge Instructions, a.k.a. Insert # 106, I am unable to correlate my inks with the positions in any of the tables on p. 3. Should I ignore the ink positions in Insert 106, or is there some way of reading these tables which will give agreement with the Piezography Ink Install Instructions for the P400?

Thank you for your help.