Newbie: Light stripes on 9900 prints

Hello, I’m a bit of a newbie, so please bear with me. I recently purchased a used Epson 9900 which I knew had a bad PK/MK channel; aside from deep shadow areas which would have banding, color prints were otherwise fine before converting to piezo inks; this was confirmed by a nozzle check.

Talking with the Inkjetmall folks, I learned that I could use the 9 remaining channels with the Piezo Pro set of 9, filling the PK/MK cartridges with PiezoFlush to keep the unused channel cool during auto cleans and nozzle cleanings. I have cleaned the capping station, replaced the wiper blade, the flushing box and the bottom of the print head (via the Inkjetmall YouTube video instructions), run a regular and power cleaning, and yet I continue to see light stripes on my b/w prints (for some reason, I’m unable to attach photo examples to this page). Having checked the forums here, I saw one post similar to mine from a few years back, which the original poster concluded as resolved, but there are no posts or comments explaining what the fix was (efforts from that older post included updating firmware, which did not work - but clearly something eventually worked). Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

A picture or scan showing the problem would be very useful in diagnosing it. This screenshot shows where to find the upload button.
Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 2.18.43 PM
A list or screenshots showing all settings that you are using would also be very useful.

Since you are using a non-standard ink arrangement with your PiezoPro inks, it might also be helpful to list which ink is in which slot, and how you modified the curves to accommodate the the arrangement you are using.

Those are my initial thoughts. I may have more after seeing your answers.



Hi Keith,

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. So I have 2 problems occurring: The light stripes (see attached photo), and more recently, my prints are coming out with a magenta cast. After my original post, my printer began to show a clogged nozzle warning. I ran a regular cleaning, a power cleaning, and after waiting overnight, a second power cleaning. The nozzle check is coming back clear again, so I’m a bit baffled. That said, I did order the Piezo Flush + full set of carts and will do an Init Fill once they arrive. It’s just odd that the color cast is magenta and not, say, yellow or some other color. Thanks again.

I can think of 2 possibilities for the magenta cast:

  1. Residual magenta ink left over from previous ink installation assuming it was color. If so, maybe run a power clean on the M and LM channels.

  2. PiezoFlush is magenta, so maybe you are using a regular (not remapped) curve. You need to be using curves that have been remapped so that the K channel is not used, along with any other changes to ink positions. This could also account for the banding, maybe, and is why I asked some of the questions above that you haven’t answered yet.

The banding, if not an ink issue, could be paper feed needing adjustment.


Just came back to close the loop. Thanks so much for taking the time to provide your input, Keith. It turns out that I needed to run a second Init.Fill to get all of the PiezoFlush out of the lines. No more light stripes or magenta tint. Very much appreciated.