Newbee prints darker than monitor

Hi CF.

For many years my Epson 3880 have been, and still are, making prints matching what my monitor shows.
For a few weeks I’ve been working myself into the noble art of bw printing, with Piezography Pro, Epson SC-P800 (European version).
Papers: Hahnemühle Satin Baryta, Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl, Epson Hot Press Natural, Canson Rag Photographique.
There is a mismatch between my monitor Eizo CG276 and prints - they are darker than my monitor shows.
SG276: gamma2.2, brightness 220cd/m2, Temp 5400K, RGB, what more to set?
My monitor is self calbirated, but I feel I need to use manual settings.
I view my prints in tubes 5400K, (all lights in my studio are 5400K)
I really have tried to read what is available for manuals, but there are so many pages and I go wild, I’m sure there is a thread, maybe a lot of them.
I also try to set the images lighter than I want to get the right balanse in the prints, but I do not like it, not precise enough for my likings.

Some P800s seem to be a bit miss-matched in their nozzle densities I think. While I have not seen this with a our 3 P800s in house a few targets have been sent my way that are dark.

Do you have a Spectrophotometer? It may be important to calibrate your inks curves or sent me a target to build some curves so others who may have this issue with their specific monitor can hit this thread up.


This has to be a typo! Even 120cd/m2 is high unless you work in a brightly lit room.

My CX271 is calibrated to brightness 80cd/m2, black point 0.4cd/m2, white point 5700K, RGB 2.20. I’m not sure what you mean by self-calibrated. I use the Color Navigator app to create the monitor profile to my needs. There are a few others that installed with the software but I don’t use them. The self-correction verifies and adjusts to your settings if necessary, but it is not a replacement for hardware calibration. Maybe your CG is different.

On the other hand, since you say your 3880s are producing prints that match your monitor, this is likely a printer/curve issue as Walker said.


I translated your 220cd/m2 to 120cd/m2 in my head without even seeing it. Sorry, missed that. Can you confirm 120cd/m2? It should be that, not 220.


There was a thread on the Yahoo QTR in which someone asked about dark prints when setting their screen to 120cd (assuming that 220 was a typo).
Not sure whether the OP is the same.

If ksand’s monitor brightness is set that high then I’d have thought that some of the advice offered in the other thread would also apply in this one. Which is not to say that there isn’t some variation in P800s, but I suggest that monitor brightness and viewing conditions and workflow need to be checked first.

Visiting new places I equip myself with a citymap to find my ways, like I did several years ago in cape Town, using the sun as an instinctive referance. Beeing south of the line for my first time I was soon totally lost and could not understand it, walking by map always worked for me.
All of you can see that I was wrong from the start, my body and soul refered to the sun wandering from east through south to west, allways, not so in Cape Town! ha ha ha
This experience came to mind dealing with calibrating my monitor to match the prints, my starting point led me completely astray.
Thanks to all of you for kind guidance, now i have turned 180º and slowly mapping my ways of precise bw Piezography printing.
All the best form ksand

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