New workshop news

I just saw the notice for the new workshops for 2018 and one line really got my attention.
“Piezography is all new again for 2018. There are new drivers and new workflow that no longer require the use of QuadTone RIP.”
Can someone expound on this please? I would really like to know. And since it mentions “that no longer require the use of QuadTone RIP.” does that mean I could go from LR directly to print using Windows (I’m on a pc, not a mac).

I would also like to attend the workshops but travel is out of the question. I can not physically attend due to my commitment to my mentally and physically handicapped sister. I’m her guardian & care giver.

In our workshop we will be demoing/teaching some of this new driver tech. It is indeed a new driver for Piezo separate from QuadtoneRIP but built from the same family of code (Gutenprint) only an updated generation.

It is primarily for PiezoDN (digital negatives) although the initial work started for the SureColor P-series printers as QTR micro-lined until it was updated only a week ago with better microweaving for these printers.

all the best,

ps: Mac/Linux only at the moment.


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