New User - Piezography Pro printing too dark

Hello & thank you for any assistance.

Im a new user to Piezography Pro and have a 3880, QTR and Print Tool installed.
I’m getting prints that are about 2 stops dark. Am I missing something simple ? I reviewed the printing setup steps several times without any significant change. Any advise ?

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Can you paste all your workflow Screen shots from Print Tool through to the Print Dialogue showing the QTR pane…

I’m unsure how to use the “print dialogue” option

Thank you

that is the print dialogue option.

Are you using a Piezography K7/6 P2 Setup?

I thought you were using the Piezography Pro inks …

Also if you are using a P2 setup you are using three different K7 inks… Carbon on one curve, Neutral on another Selenium on the other…

The curves must ALL match your Piezography K7/6 inks that you bought. Did you buy Carbon K7, Neutral K7 or Selenium K7?

If you bought Piezography Pro inks - you have installed the wrong curves for use. You should install the curves in the directory called 3800-3880-Pro

Not certain where you are but both methods are not being used correctly depending on what inkset you purchased.

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I installed the wrong curves. I’ll confirm once I reinstall the correct profiles. Thought it was simple

Thank you

Problem solved, it was an installation error.

Thank you Jon