New to this forum

Hello every One,
I am new to Piezography. I just downloaded the activation key for epson P800 and it is communicating well with computer. I have yet not bought the inks from the inkjet mall. Planning to buy Pro ink set with chip less cartilages.
I tried to print from the original epson ultra chrome HD inks via print tool/ quad tone RIP and the warm tone of the test photo turned reddish yellow when I printed. I printed on 5 x7 . I followed what was said in the Piezography YouTube video. Do I need to buy the ink set Pro prior to printing or is there any way I can test for prints via software Quad RIP and print tool and see how photos look before jumping in to buying pro set of inks.Am I making any error due to which photos are not coming right via print tool
thanks in advance.

QTR will work with Ultrachrome ink just fine.

Use the P800 UC- curves found in >Applications>QuadtoneRIP>Profiles to start


I found QTR -UC and it worked for P800