New to Piezography questions

I’m new to this process and need some help getting my printer up and running. I have installed the Pro ink
set into the printer as instructed. My printer is the 7900, and it has a bad black channel; I put the two blacks
into the Or and Gr channels, and am not using the very light grays for both the warm and cool tones. I watched
a video showing how to remap a curve, but it only showed how to do one channel–I suspect that I only need
to duplicate the process for both blacks. My questions are:

  1. In the Piezography curves folder, there are two folders for my printer: Pro-K4 and Pro-K5.
    There only seems to be curves in the K-5 folder, and something called x900-K4-GlossMasterV1-Cool and one
    called x900-K4-GlossMasterV1-Neutral in the K-4 folder. Do I need to remap these as well?

  2. Do I need to remap all of the curves in the K-5 folder?

  3. Why are there only two curves for the Epson papers? Where can I get curves for other papers than are
    listed in the folder?

  4. Do I need to run the “install7900-ProK5.command” and the “install7900-ProK4.command” from both

  5. I’ve seen this: “There are new drivers and new workflow that no longer require the use of QuadTone RIP”
    on the Jon Cone Editions website. I found it under the workshops page for the Advanced Piezography Printmaking workshop. Will I still need QTR and Print Tool?

Download and install the most recent version of Piezography Community Editions. You will see the updated list of K4 curves.

No. You are using K4 curves. Remap those.

Just the K4 command.

No applicable to Pro yet. This was a somewhat premature statement by us related to workshops this summer that we’ll be teaching.


I’ve installed the latest edition and see the curves for K-4. There only seems to be two curves for the
Epson papers, where as the website shows more Epson papers supported.

Will there be more Epson papers supported later?
Can I use some other curve for a paper that has no curve that would be close enough?
How do I find curves that someone else has created for a paper?

I need to remap my curves by moving both of the blacks. Is the following correct?
Place the data from MK to Or, and PK to Gr, and then fill the MK and PK with zeros.

Can i rename the curve so that I know that it has been remapped?

In QTR there is a drop down menu for selecting the black used, and a button on my printer. How should
these be set for my printer with both of the black channels remapped as above?

Thank you, Daniel

So when remapping, I think that I need to put the black (K) channel data into either the OR or GR channel, depending on the type of paper, Matt of Gloss?

Is there a list somewhere showing the crossover of the Canson papers to the Epson?

Thanks, Daniel

Yeah, put the K channel data in OR or GR depending on what ink you are using.

A quick search of the forum (re legacy) brought up this thread.

Legacy Baryta = Baryta Photographique
Legacy Fibre = Rag Photo
Legacy Etching = Edition Etching

These curves are all pretty interchangeable. The Canson baryta curve is a great universal gloss curve, and the hahnemuhle photo rag curve is a the universal matte curve. I think you’ll be fine.

Epson Legacy papers are just re-branded Canson papers btw. So those curves are there.


Yeah. The remap video in the Articles section demonstrates this.

Actually just keep it at “installed.” Make sure to turn auto-nozzle check off on your printer too if you haven’t yet.