New to Piezography, question on curves for Epson 1400

I’m just getting started and have gotten some amazing prints on the JC2 paper with the K6 Selenium inks. I’m interested in trying some whiter paper as well so I went here: Supported Papers | Piezography and selected EPSON Hot Press Bright based on this “Supported Piezography Ink Systems: P2 (K6), K7, Pro”.

I can’t seem to locate the .quad or .icc for this paper in the community edition folders.

is P2(K6) what I have on the Epson 1400? or is P2(K6) different than just K6?

If my printer is supported, which .quad and .icc go with this paper? I don’t mind old curves, any working one is fine.

I also went through all the selenium*icc files, and it looks like only three are matte papers, although there are .quad files for many more. Do I just pick one of the 3 that seems close?


We are in the process of profiling the 1400/1430 for supported papers and UltraHD-MK ink. The 1400/1430 was lower on our R&D rung of late compared to getting Pro curves out and PiezoDN launched.

For now, simply use the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag curve. We can also do you a customer curve at Inkjetmall if you need/want it.

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