New T5800 yellow con cartridge not recognized in my 3800 printer

I am replacing all the Epson cartridges in my Epson 3800 printer I have replaced the LM and the Y so far and both have been working fine. I did have a problem with the Yellow when I first put it in and I took it back out and put the Epson back in and it printed fine. I then took the Epson cartridge out and put the con cartridge back in and it then print fine. Today when I tried to print it would not recognize the yellow cartridge again so I removed the con Y cartridge took out the Epson chip put it on the Epson cartridge and put it in and it printed fine. After the printing I took the Epson cartridge back out removed the chip put it back in the con cartridge and re installed it in the printer but it will not recognize it. Trouble is my Y Epson cartridge is now empty.
Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

From what you are indicating the chip is functioning - but you are having some intermittent problem with it. The chips either work or do not (usually). I wonder if it is fully seated. Can you compare it to the LM which is not causing you this type of problem? Let me know if it is slightly higher or askew, and whether you can press it more fully seated or not. I can send you a replacement chip/holder…but I want to make sure that corrects the problem and it is not an issue pertaining to fitment.

Thanks for your responds.
I think it is a problem with seating. After sending the first note I re seated it again and installed it back in the printer. Wouldn’t you know, it worked. What puzzles me is why it would quit working all of a sudden. It has done this at least twice now. Makes me nervous about it acting up when I really need it.
Anyway at the moment it is working okay so I will just carry on and hope for the best.
Thanks again for your quick reply…Love your ink and the refill cartridge system!

They usually perform trouble-free. But, it is very important to make sure that the chip/holder is firmly seated. We have a note about that in our instructions. The greater danger is that if it’s not seated correctly you can rip out the pin reader from the printer when you pull the cartridge out. It’s only a $12 part and available from Compass Micro - but it can take two hours to install! So always make sure these are seated correctly!