New style cart no recognized after re-fill

Hi, I’m now using the new battery-less carts in my R3000. I now have one cart the Y not being recognized after performing a re-fill. I re-filled all the new carts at the same time and they all read full, but the Y will not read. I have tried my old cone battery style cart and it get recognized and my original empty OEM cart gets recognized. The on-board ink level statuses of the new carts change once I insert the previously used cart. I have tried the procedure of removing all the carts, turning off printer for 5 min, reinserting the carts and the result is the same. I look forward to some info.

Hello Inkjet Mall tech support, Please respond tech support, going on seven days with no response.
Please point me to the forum thread that has the solution to this issue. I have not found it yet in all my research.
Better yet just send a new cartridge so I can get back to work ASAP.

The carts didn’t change, only the chips. From your description, you can use the old battery style chip or cartridge with the battery style chip to get printing.

If you had a wedge in your cover-down sensor and pulled one of the auto-reset carts while the printer thought the cover was down it can corrupt the chip.

Otherwise it was killed by static, etc. We suggest keeping extra chips around as backups at all times. They do not last forever.

You can swap the resetter chip with the battery-style chip no-problem.

Procedure here:


Sorry for the no-reply. I’m not getting auto-updates sent to me email so this got covered by the gabillion other emails in my inbox.


I filled the first (old) cart with Piezoflush and is now a dedicated maintenance cart. Thanks for the reply.

Hi, sorry but no wedge used. I seriously doubt that a static charge is the culprit. This sounds like a great way to switch the blame to the customer for the issue of a defective product. I sure didn’t see any advisory concerning the use of your cartridges and static charges before I purchased and then received the new cartridges. The good news is that with replaceable chips you won’t have to send me a whole new cartridge. Please hurry, Thanks!

I worked with IJM chips for 11 years at my company Black Point Editions, then in Vermont at UVM, then at Latitude in Chicago, then at LightWork in Syracuse. I ALWAYS have backup chips. These chips are not as durable as you might think. (Frankly not even Epson chips are, but they only get used once.)

We’ll send a replacement out shortly, but seriously you should buy a set of backups: from one print-maker to another.

PM me your info and we’ll get you squared.