New Problem with QTR & PP

As I stated previously, I figured out was wrong, but I removed QTR and tried to reinstall it and now I can’t get it to install correctly. I tried installing again and got a new error window:
QTRqui encountered an error "QuadP800 PPD file was not found. “processing Printer: PrintingModel” in the QTRgui.ini file. QTRgui.ini has been renamed and all settings reverted to default.
When I clicked the “ok” button, I saw a folder on my desktop (not the fancy QTR logo that I had before) and I new window opened and stated that “the Quad P800 PPD file was not found.”
I clicked open the folder and it had a number of files listed and it did have a folder “Quad P800-Pro” When I clicked on it, there were all the curves.
But I still have the issue that I don’t have the QTRgui to open. When I downloaded it from the QTR website, it went to c:\Program Files (x86\QuadToneRip). I’m at a loss!