New printer (3880), new carts, new inks


bought a 3880 from Epson with the intent of using a third party ink. At that point not decided on the ink so ordered refill carts from China. Decided on Conecolor and ordered ink. I had decided to go straight Cone and sell off my epsons carts but needed the chips. Advertised for used Epson carts and received all but the matte black. Even got some duplicates. Now ready to go.

I am cheap and hate waste and knew there was left over ink in the OEM carts. Easy enough to extract it with a syringe. Having a small digital scale handy I was able to actually see that the OEM’s became empty. surprising amount of ink is left in an “empty” cart. I thought I would use this in the initial setup with a fair bit going into the maintenance tank. Thus I would have my Cone ink for real work/play. But should I mix the two brands of ink/ What would be the colour problems, if any? I took a leap of faith (or stupidity) and completed the fill up with cone ink.

Put all the carts in the printer for the first time and hit the button. Once the printer had done its bit I was pleased to see all was good and all the carts ok. now to print. I printed two 8x10’s with multicoloured fall scenes and was REALLY pleased. The colours were great. Leap of faith worked.

Would like to hear if others have had similar results with Cone and Epson inks.



Hi Martin~

I am happy to hear your good experience setting up your 3880 with refillable carts and ConeColor inks. Our ConeColor pigment inks were designed to be such a close match to Epson UltraChrome inks, that you have the freedom of installing the inks one at a time as your Epson carts run empty and continuing to use the same workflow and profiles to achieve excellent results. ConeColor is compatible with Epson UltraChrome both chemically, and in output- allowing ConeColor to be used in combination with Epson with excellent results.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: