New piezography driver

Is there a new driver coming? I was on the subscriber site and saw mention of this. Will it replace QTR?

thanks in advance

The beta driver is built (and about 30 or 40 people are using it) but this was before I (we) convinced Roy to add Super resolution to QTR. Because he’s done so, there is less of a need for it and it’s stalled a bit. I also have a programmer guy who helps me who has gotten busy with $$$job and this has caused a similar delay.

Beta application is turned off for right now but please PM me your full contact details and your status as a PPEv2 (or PiezoDN) customer and I can get you set up.


Hi Walker,
Can you talk more about the super resolution for QTR? What does it do and what printers does it work with?

It works on the P800 (most importantly) as well as all the small format 13" printer.

It doubles the random selection of nozzles and gets rid of any small micro-banding (particularly useful for digital negs).


You mentioned that Roy had added Super resolution to QTR. Is this for the windows version as well?
I recently update the windows version of QTR and see no mention of it.
The windows version is such a dinosaur I have been hoping for years that it would be rewritten similar to the Mac version. Any hope of that ever happening?

It is supported in the windows version.

Yes the Win version is a dinosaur.
No it won’t be updated.
Yes there’s some possibility that a Win version of a Piezo driver will be available but this is probably a ways out.
It is very easy to get a $200 used iMac just for printing and have the full functionality of QTR (with ICC profiling, print-tool layout, etc). Comparable “layout” programs for printing run in the thousands so there’s value in dedicating hardware too the print workflow.


The Win version may be a dinosaur, but it’s not extinct. It still works just as well as it ever did.

There was some talk from Roy of new Win s/w, but I’ve not seen anything released publicly.

The Super setting appears under Resolution, so you’d select 2880 Super rather than just 2880.

Not all printers have the Super setting. Notably, the 3880 doesn’t.