New photo black cart not priming



First time user of the Forum.
New user of Cone Inks. Have used Epson 4900 for 10+ years.
I have a new 7900. Use lightly but a little printing every day.

Started replacing Epson cartridges with your cone inks as they ran out, all has been going well until I replaced the photo black. At the out of ink warning placed new cartridge in the slot but it wouldn’t stay, wouldn’t click into place. Called tech they sent an email explaining technique to raise holding tap slightly, mad the correction and clicked into place. Continued printing but after printing a few 16x20’s suddenly black stopped printing.

I ran a nozzle check - no photo black, all others fine.
I ran a cleaning cycle, no change
I ran multiple cleaning cycles no change. I powered off, let it rest a day, tried again. Getting a report that cleaning failed.

When I started first test I had 60% left in maintenance tank, now I have only 25% and have lost a lot of all colors of ink.

I started looking around and found that the hose carrying black to the head is completely void of ink.
I think that when I replaced the cartridge that the printing continued with the ink in the head and the tube, but no new ink has ever made it into the tube.

I used a syringe and check the prime - it is working and I withdrew 4 syringes just to be sure.
Tried reinstalling and priming. Still no ink in the tube.

I am shut down. Orders need to be mailed. Wasted a lot of ink. What can I do?
Need help quick.


Hi Morris~

Sorry for not responding sooner, I was working with an artist in our studio all day on Friday when you wrote.

Based on your “10+ year” statement, I assume you meant to write you have been using the [B]4800[/B] model printer for 10+ years (as the 4900 is a much newer model)- is this correct?
After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased a set of refillable carts and ConeColor Pro inks for a 7900/9900 printer model in November 2012.
From your explanation, it sounds like ink is not flowing from the PK cartridge into the printer for some reason, though you are able to draw ink out when priming the cart (so, the exit channel isn’t blocked or anything obvious like that).
Please clarify- have you been removing air from the internal ink bag and priming the cartridge exit chambers with ink using only the slip-tip syringe (this was the older priming procedure), or the syringe with small priming tip attached (as per our latest video and written instructions)?
What other refillable cartridges have you previously installed and have been working well?
Did your printer’s pump start turning on more frequently after installing the PK refillable cartridge?
Is there ink in the plastic body of the refill cart (outside of the internal ink bag)
Is ink leaking anywhere from the PK cartridge (exit port, air inlet point, side seam, etc…)?

Please let me know answers to my questions above, so I can determine the cause of your problem in order to resolve it and get you back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hi Dana,
Sorry about the wrong numbers on the previous printers the 4800 was 2 printers ago. My last printer was the 7600 that ran flawlessly and I used refillable carts.
I have been removing internal air from the bag, making sure it is primed. I am only using the slip tip.
I have already installed the light black, light magenta, light light black, Cyan and Yellow, all working fine.
When I was filling the matte black - ink leaked all over the inside of the case and came out the air intake. It obviously has a bad bladder and I need a replacement.
No ink is leaking in the Photo black cartridge.
I don’t recall the pump turning on more frequently, but it’s not something I typically listen to.


Hi Morris~

Thanks for the update and additional information, it is all very helpful.

Yes, if ink leaked from the internal bag, into the main plastic cartridge body and out the air inlet point, this cart has a defective bag and we will send you a replacement MK cart right away.
I will also have a set of priming tips included, and would like you to please use the new priming method as demonstrated in our video, using the small plastic priming tip on the syringes you already have.
What did you do after noticing the leaking bag in the MK cart while filling- did you install the cart into the printer anyway, or reinstall the Epson MK (or different) cart?

Before sending you the new MK cart and priming tips, I’d like to determine what’s causing your PK to not print, in case we need to send you something for that as well. I am concerned that the exit valve seal may be damaged, which a few customers have done by priming with the syringe tip, and pushing it in too hard, ripping the rubber seal. If the exit valve seal is damaged, the effects can range from ink leaking from the exit valve to limited or no ink flow from the cart.
Below, I included info for removing, replacing and reinstalling the gray rubber exit valve seal, along with photos showing examples of both a good and bad/ripped seal. I would appreciate if you could please inspect the seals of your carts, especially the PK that you are experiencing flow issues with, and let me know if the seal is damaged or not.

Please let me know if you have questions, what you discover after examining your cartridge seals, or if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

[U][B]Replace gray ruber exit valve seal with 7900 RCS:[/B][/U]
With cartridge positioned exit valve UP on a work surface, carefully slide the clear plastic piece off the exit valve while holding over the valve opening with your finger or thumb to keep the parts from falling or shooting out. With the plastic top removed, you will see the circular gray rubber seal. Insert the tip of a straightened paperclip straight thru the hole in the center of the gray rubber piece and gently pry it out. Behind the gray rubber piece is a tiny metal ball sitting on top of a small spring. Take care not to lose any of these parts, as the cart won’t work correctly without them all properly installed. Make sure the gray rubber piece is not damaged and the only hole should be thru the center (the walls should be solid and not ripped).

To put the exit valve back together, insert the spring into the cartridge exit hole and place the metal ball on top of the spring, then press the gray rubber seal straight down to depress the spring. The rubber piece should be straight and the top should be flush with the hole opening. While holding the exit valve parts in place with your finer or thumb, carefully slide the plastic piece back to hold the exit valve parts in place. Make sure the gray piece is flat and evenly sealed under the clear plastic piece for a good seal.


I checked the seal and everything looks fine. I reassembled and reinserted. Everything looks great. I just put it back in the printer-

This started at 8am this morning and I am just finishing cleaning up. When I put the cartridge back in the printer all was fine, it cycled itself why I was starting to type above
Then I felt something cold and wet on my leg. It was black ink. There was ink running from under the printer across my desk and down my leg.
I grabbed paper towels and sponges. . . it was also running down the back of the desk and running down the white wall. My floor is real oak flooring but now each seam is dark black.
I did everything I could to get it out but no avail. I know have a black striped oak floor. I was finally able to get all of it off the desk.
As you can imagine I am not a happy person right now.

What should I do now. I followed your instructions to the letter. I took it apart, found the gasket, ball, the spring. I rinsed it off, inspected it, put it back in just as instructions said. It looked great.
And I put it in the printer.

I now have 1 cartridge that leaks internally, still! I had to put it in a plastic storage bag.
I have 1 cartridge that not only didn’t ever work but now after following your instructions. . .
dumped ink all over the inside of the printer, my desk, my wall, my floor, my khaki slacks,
and an almost full, 250 sheet box of 12x18 water color paper.

It seemed pretty simple - that I had 2 bad cartridges - the other six I have installed are great…
seems so simple to just send me 2 replacements - now after losing an entire day cleaning up and still not being able to pring…

I await your instuctions.


Hi Morris~

Thanks for checking the seal and giving me an update, I am sorry to hear you’ve experienced this ink mess!!

To help me determine what’s going on and the best solution to get you back to happily printing ASAP, please confirm- was it the PK cartridge that drained ink into your printer (and all over the place) after checking the exit valve and reinstalling the cart into your printer, or was it a different cartridge that leaked?

Please let me know and we will send the necessary replacements to get you back to happily printing.
Again, I am sorry for the frustration and inconvenience you have experienced, but please know we stand by our products 100% and are here to help!
Best regards~ Dana


Yes it was the PK cartridge.
I don’t think sending new parts will fix my problem.
I am not a technician but I did just as you instructed.
Every thing looked good according to your instructions.
And the whole think blew up in my library. I don’t think that “I’m Sorry” will fix the problem.

Your company talks about how good it is and I get two bad carts in the first order.
I have been shut down for a week. I know you said you were sorry about not answering last Friday, (While you were working with someone in YOUR studio?)
but what are the chances that you can fix this mess. I lost clothes, ink supplies, a case of watercolor paper, a wall and wood trim, and a day of work- just to clean up the mess.
If you don’t believe me I have photos!

All because I got 2 BAD carts in my first order. What are the odds of that from a company that is SO GREAT?

“I am sorry for the frustration and inconvenience you have experienced, but please know we stand by our products 100% and are here to help!
Best regards~ Dana”

Just doesn’t seem to approach the problem.
Would you like to try again?



Good Morning Morris~

Thanks for confirming it was the PK cartridge that leaked. I would appreciate if you could empty any remaining ink from the cart, put it in a sealed ziplock bag and send it to me at the address listed below, so I can examine the cart to determine how it failed and report to the manufacturer for QC.

Today we will send you replacement carts, which have all been pressure tested, along with replacement ink to cover what you lost.
Windex or other glass cleaners work very well at cleaning ink off surfaces such as wood and plastic.

Please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana

Attn: Dana/testing
17 Powder Spring Rd.
Topsham VT 05076


Hi Morris~

I’m checking in because I haven’t heard from you (and haven’t received your bad PK cart to determine what went wrong), so want to make sure you received the replacement items, see how everything is going, and if there’s anything I can help you with.

Please let me know, thanks- Dana :slight_smile: