New P8000 and Firmware

I guess this question is for Walter or Jon, but I’m going to be getting a new P8000 printer in the next couple of weeks and I’m wondering about the firmware version that will be installed on it. I’ve read on your site that in order to use your new work-around (thanks IJM!!) for using the IJM inks, we can’t update the firmware. Is there a firmware version that we can’t go over, and what happens if this new printer comes with a newer version?
Thank you!

All current P8000s work with our chips and we’ll be the first to make everyone aware if we detect a firmware update coming down the pipe that does not work with our chips.


Epson would never install a disabling firmware on your printer without your permission. But, it is very easy for you to install one if you do not read the pop ups when they appear. Do NOT subscribe to any auto updates and pay attention if you see any pop ups offering to improve your experience. Anyone who has had their printer updated to not allow 3rd party has done it themselves. After HP settled in their massive lawsuit (for doing it without permission), OEMs are quite careful to make sure their customers volunteer to do it. SO READ! Do not ignore pop ups!!!

Having said that - they sure are devilishly hard to get 3rd party into them in the first place now… But, we have and you can enjoy your choice in consumables or repair your own printer with PiezoFlush!