New P800 - Pre-Print Nozzle Check w Epson inks before installing decoder board?

I just purchased a K7 Selenium kit, Epson P800 and the decoder board.

Should I perform the Pre-Print Nozzle Check with the color Epson inks before I install the decoder board?

My assumptions would be:

  1. Perform Pre-Print Nozzle Check
  2. Install decoder board
  3. Flush and install K7 Selenium inks

thank you


you are correct!!!

3 heavy cleanings should do it.


One more question about the board and power cycling.

Once the board is installed can it and the printer be powered off without affecting the decoder board?
If power cycled will the board simply pick up in the state it was or will it reset itself similar to pressing the reset button?

My printer lives on a cart that needs to be moved around due to restricted space in my office, so the printer and decoder board could potentially be powered off.

thank you


No. It is nonvolatile memory.