New P800 and 9900 ICC profiles with Ultra HD MK and HD PK inks

We have just published updated ICC profiles for ConeColorPro ink using the UltraHD-MK (matte black) ink and HD-PK (photo black) inks.

They are here:

We will update the icc profile page with more details at soon.


Walker, appreciate your assistance in advance. A couple of questions if I may.

You mentioned in a thread some time ago that there was a known issue with ink bleeding on Epson Exhibition Fiber paper. Any news if that issue has been remedied with an ICC profile? I recently discovered this issue after converting to CC inks.

I have downloaded the ICC profile package for the Epson P800, but am unable to locate the matching ICC name for the following papers. I know I am missing something, just can’t ascertain what.

Hahnemuhle FineArt Pearl
Hahnemuhle Photo Glossy
Hahnemuhle Photo Luster
Hahnemuhle Photo Pearl

Finally, in the absence of a matching CCP ICC profile for a particular paper, will the manufacturer of that papers P800 ICC profile suffice?

Thanks again.

Hi Paul,
If they do not exist in the download they do not exist.
Using the OEM ICCs may help benefit. Always custom ICC profiling is the best benefit.
Kind regards,

Thanks Jon,
The profiles are indeed listed as shown in the screenshot attached from you web page.

They just don’t exist in the MAC OS package file. Thus my confusion. Appreciate any additional insight you may have.

Sent them to you…