New P600, incomplete nozzle check

I just got a new P600 for my school photography club! Unfortunately, I cannot get a complete nozzle check for the VM. It’s the same nozzle each time. I did the nozzle check right after priming the printer.

Has anyone had this experience? I’ve normally had great experience with Epson. This will be more complicated if it becomes a warrantee issue because I have to go through the school.

Once I know I can get a reliable nozzle check, I will be switching this printer over to Cone inks, but I need to make sure I can get a good nozzle check first.


The P600 is generally stellar at keeping its nozzles good. I would immediately put this in for a warranty replacement if it’s still under warranty. No use wasting ink/money on a P600 that drops nozzles.


Looks like I may have been panicking prematurely. After leaving it overnight I ran one more head clean followed by a nozzle check and it came out flawless.

Thanks Walker!

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