New Light Black Cartrige will not click into my 7890.


I’m setting up to do my initial flush. The 8 other cartridges click in fine but the light black does not want to click in. I put the cart the printer came with back and it clicks in fine. The newly PiezoFlush filled cart will not click in in many tries. Looks fine, chip is in place, vent plugs removed. Sort of stuck here with an unusable printer, an unhappy cartridge and the 350ml of PiezoFlush it has taken hostage…


guy washburn

Wells sent me a writeup on how to gently bend up the latch bar that holds the cartridge in place when you push it in. Mine was a tiny bit low and it would not engage with the InkjetMall provided carts. A bit of corrective pushing to bend it into correct position and the cart locks fine.

I’m back on track to get my conversion completed.

Thanks again Wells!