New Ink cart not recognized

I just bought/received a new Cyan ink cart for the 3880 as a replacement. I was previously using cone color inks (until last week) and switched to piezo K7 inks, but first wanted to power clean with piezoflush. Last week I tried a power clean with my separate piezoflush dedicated carts, Cyan was not recognized, as the LCD tells me “No Ink” in cyan position. So I installed the K7 ink carts and was able to do 2 power cleans without a problem. I did a few prints on regular copy paper just to print out any residual color inks and I saw no colors. When I tried to do some simple prints today, the prints came out with a yellow/green cast. So I tried to power clean with the K7 inks in place and Cyan position was not recognized (same Cyan position K7 cart as last week). I then tried the new Cyan position cart I just received and that was not recognized. I then tried the Cyan cart used for my cone color inks and it was recognized and I could power clean. For some weird reason Cyan position is erratic. All carts click into place as they should, I looked to see that they were lined up in the printer and gave a gentle lift just in case contacts were poor. I don’t understand and hope someone can help me figure this out.

I live in Seattle and can anyone recommend a good servicer for the 3880 in case I need one?

Bob Parker

I suggest taking the OEM chip and control chip from the cone-color cart and place them on the Piezo K7 cart. If this works, let me know and we’ll send replacement control chip for cyan.

sorry for the delay on this,

Thanks. I’ll try this weekend adn let you know.

I did as you said. I switched chips (with controller attached) between the new cart and a cyan cart that works. I tested each cart with a nozzle check test pring. Carts recognized and print worked fine. I then switched back again between carts and the both printed with test print fine. Seems problem is hopefully permanently resolved.

Sounds good. Generally, this does the trick as the little springs under the controller chip attached to the connector posts need exercise by taking the chip out and then putting it back.


Hello again Walker,
Unfortunately when I placed the new Cyan cart in the printer with piezoflush in eh cart the cart was not recognized. I tried to remove and replace eh chip several times without success. I was wondering if you can send me a new chip w/controller and an additional 1-2 chips that I will be glad to pay for so I can increase chances of having a working cart?

I am SO sorry for the delay on this. The old forum software really left me hanging on the read-reply notifications.

We may have the OEM chip, we certainly have the controller chip. If you would, could you PM me on Monday and I’ll take care of it.


I think I am doing something wrong, as the new cart is not recognized either. I see on the carts label to “slowly release pressure before refilling” I tried to put the new cart (I left it empty) just so I don’t waste ink or piezoflush, and it still does not recognize. Ca nyou advise me on steps to take to initialize cart for the 3880?

Here’s a video:

And the Piezo-specific one:

You may have simply a bent control chip or corrupt cyan.


Also, never put an empty cart in the printer. It gets air into the line and can lead to an air block in the damper.

I’m PMing you.


Looking at your sales history and this thread, I think something is up with your OEM chip or the chip sensor (wires) in the printer itself (or both).

Check the wires on the sensor to see if they are bent or corroded. This sensors can go wacky over time especially with excessive cartridge removal and replacement. They are very cheap to replace.

Here’s the part: Epson Parts | connector (maintenance tank) for Epson Stylus Pro 9880 - Stylus Pro 9880 - Inkjet - Products

This one is listed for the 9880 but I believe it fits the 3880 (its basically a universal part).

The new sensors are much more robust than the ones that come inside of a printer.

I suggest a new OEM Cyan chip as well (if you know of any friend on this forum or others who has an empty wide set of 3880 carts, that could help.)

I have verified that the serial number of the replacement control chips that you have works in all of our 3880s here, so they are working control chips.


Thank you Walker. I will do my best to follow your advice and see what happens. My Piezo carts and ConeColor 80mm carts work fine. This is so erratic and weird.