New Epson SureColor P8000 - setting up for the first time

I have a new Epson SureColor p8000, and have installed the small epson ink tanks that come with it to initiate the printer. I also have my ConeColor inks purchased and ready to go when those initial Epson inks get low. I’m using a Windows 10 PC.

In order to get the printer operating, I now need to install the printer driver, which is downloaded from Epson. Here’s the download page

I am trying to understand exactly what I can and can’t download and install on my computer, i.e. so that I don’t accidentally “volunteer” to disallow 3rd party inks.

I assume that I am able to download the printer driver itself. When I start to install it, I receive popups asking that I assent to the EULA. Is it OK to accept these?

I’d also like to be able to use some of the epson utilities available from the download page, for instance the LFP accounting tool and others. Are these also OK to download and install?

Finally, I know that I should not install the firmware upgrade.
I am under the impression I should also not allow the Epson software updater utility to be installed on my system. Are there any instructions for how to prevent this utility from being installed?


As long as you don’t install the firmware update you are OK. You can use all tools.