New Dampers - initial refill issue

Good morning Dana, I have a vintage question you might have an answer for me… After I do initial charge on my pro 9600 I see the ink go good through the lines until I can see they are 100% charged… them after that and during the end of the ink charging process the ink starts going back all that way to the i the tanks (all the colors but the black) and again I ended up with empty lines… My question is… Is it because I replace the dampers and I plugged them twice and now they know are not seal and I have a pressure leak? I hope you can have a tipo for me I will appreciate


Make sure that the cartridge fill holes are open on this printer. If they are closed, negative pressure has been created in the cartridge.

This is not a pressurized printer so air must be able to to enter the cartridges through the fill holes.