New Cyan chip failing after every print,



The cartridge is a 300ml Cyan for my 7890.

I bought a chip a couple of weeks ago to replace the old chip that kept failing after each print. I would have to open the ink door eject the Cyan cart and re install it till the new one came in, the printer would recognize it again. Once the new chip came in I replaced the old one and inserted the cart. This new chip was showing the same problem. I figured I might have been sent a bad Cyan chip. I received a new one a couple of days ago and again, same problem.

Any help would be much appreciated. Just some info, this was happening with the Cyan chip on my old 44" 9890 as well but it was spotted, only happen once twice a month earlier this year.

talk to you soon.



Can I please get a follow up to this question.

There have been two chips at this point that haven’t resolved this issue (one bought and the other sent out due to possible failure with the first chip).

It’s still happening, and just about every print, printed off is giving me a no cartridge error.

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What is the exact error message you keep getting? Unrecognized or missing cartridge?


No cartridge, it happens every time I go to print or nozzle check. This has to be fixed I have been dealing with it for the past three weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m going to send you out a new cart tomorrow - just in case you have a fitment issue. If that does not fix it then I might suspect the pin reader in that printer.



I appreciate the quick response and follow through. Just some insight this was happening to my 44" (9890) earlier this year before it went down, but it would only happen a hand full of times a month. Since I switched the cart system over to my new 7890 it was spotted, same as the 44" but within the last month it has been relentless with every print it says no cartridge. If it has something to do with the rely chip in the printer It would be a weird coincidence since my 44" was having the same problem with the Cyan. regardless if it doesn’t fix the issues I will gladly send the cart back with the extra chip that was sent out as well.

talk to you soon.



I think I found the problem. AFter the same repeated problems this morning, I figured I would try the OEM Cyan I have off hand. Same thing happen with the OEM which made me think it might be another cart. Was going to do the process of elimination but the first OEM cart I pulled (PK) seem to make it work. It seems that the PK cart is the one that was causing the Cyan cart to drop. I have printed a few prints without a problem at this point. I will purchase a PK chip and see if that fixes the current problem.

I tired to call to catch you before you sent out the Cyan cart. If you haven’t sent that out yet, just cancel that order.

talk to you soon.


That can happen on the new X890 and X900 platforms. So we changed to PK and are sending that out instead!


[QUOTE=jon;9655]That can happen on the new X890 and X900 platforms. So we changed to PK and are sending that out instead![/QUOTE]

I received the PK cart. Thank you for that. Actually making an order for photo black this week and I will let you know how it works out.

Wanted to know, when did the cart design change for the x890 / x990 series. I have the set I bought from 2012, which had the pressure bag and the fill spot on the back of the cart. How does the new design work better (if it does) than the old cart design. If there is an improvement with the new design I will start switching over the carts to the new design. One thing I figure is that these look more like the OEM carts.

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When you get a chance, if you could please give me some insight to the new cart design and let me know how these differ from the carts that had pressure bags in them.


The old design had 2 or 3 disasters that sent ink into people’s air systems when a tiny leak formed in the ink bag. Because that was a potential risk in manufacturing that we can not control, we decided it too risky as a product.

The change is in sealing the cart in its entirety with the exception of the exit valve and the pressure inlet - creating a one way path for ink - and no way for ink to exit the air system and enter the printer.

Printing performance is the same. Just leakage back into the air system and pumps has been eliminated as a potential risk.


Thanks for the info. I’m still going to switch over to the new design since it looks like it fits more in the ink slots the way the OEM’s do.