New Carts For Piezo Flush Don't Have any "Spring" to Them

I purchased a set of carts for my 4900 to be able to use Piezo Flush. While I was able to get it to work (and it did an excellent job cleaning the stubborn clogged heads) I noticed that when I push the carts in there is no spring to them. For instance, when done, if I push on the carts nothing happens (they don’t pop out like the Epson carts do). If you want to remove a cart, you have to first remove the cart to the right of it, so you can grab it with your fingers. I also noticed that when I first put some of the carts in they weren’t recognized by the printer. After taking them in an out, the printer would recognize them. Am I doing something wrong? I didn’t see anything in the instructions or FAQS on this issue, but maybe I’m missing something. Thanks for any help.

Hi JCRamsey~

I just checked carts in our 4900 and see when I push them in to unlock, it takes a second for them to slide out, but they do all slide out on their own.
The connection between cartridge chip and printer’s chip sensor is important for proper read/function, and if the cartridge isn’t quite in the right position the chip/sensor connection may not be good, causing an error- I’m glad removing + reinstalling the cart did the trick :slight_smile:

Best regards~ Dana


Thanks for your response. Two of the carts don’t have any “give” on them. In other words, once they are seated and the chip is being read, you can push on them, but it is solid resistance. You can wait, but they aren’t going to pop out, while the Epson carts (and most of the Inkjet carts) do have some give and do pop out when pushed.

Regards, David

Thanks for the additional information David. Do these two carts seem to fit more snug in the printer? Which color positions are these two carts with no “give”?


I’ll check when I’m back at the printer and will let you know.