New (bagged) cartridges read Error

I just installed my new cartridges for my 9880. They are filled to the top, and they are primed. I put them in the machine, turn them on, and three of the cartridges read “Ink Cartridge Error. Replace Cartridges.” I used the resetter on those cartridges, and three others start blinking ink cartridge error. I use the resetter on those, and others light up, including some that I had already reset. It is a game of Whack-A Mole at this point. It either says, Ink Cartridge error, or it says No Cartridge.

Please help.


Hi David~

I talked with Walker, and he said he spoke with you on the phone, and suggested you try attaching Epson chips to the refill carts. Please let me know if that solved the errors you were getting, or if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Best~ Dana