New 9890 problems

I recently bought a brand new Epson 9890 from ebay. Upon getting it back to my workplace i noticed some water stain on the outside of the box. I unpacked it and it was all in original packaging. ink cartridges was all sealed and new. i installed everything and powered it ran through the Initial charge and i thought it was ready to use. I then tried to perform some print test (nozzle check etc and nothing got printed on the paper. But then i noticed that there was no ink in the pipes. both left and right. So then i powered it off and used the three button combo and when into the serviceman mode and did the INIT. Fill again and nothing happened ( i can hear it trying to do something for around 10 sec and then stopped). So i did the Init Fill a couple of times more. now i can see some ink on the left side till where the cover starts. I also got and error (MAINTENANCE REQUEST CODE 4000 REFER TO THE MANUAL.i did perform some cleaning( thinking back maybe it was not a good idea since there was no ink.
Now I realized the ink was made in 2012. Is the old ink causing the problem?
What should I do next? do i get a Piezo Flush kit and get the old ink out?
any ideas would be great.
i just ordered a PiezoFlush Solution, 700ml bottle and will try to clean the printer head. just it case the is any foreign material.
I see some very minor rust on the body and i hope there is no other damage anywhere else.
this is a first time owing a large format printer. I am learning as i go along.

I just removed the clip that was holding the pipes to the printer head and undid the screw and i noticed some clear liquid bubbles and then i can see the ink started to flow and i quickly tightened the screw back. but unlucky some black ink leaked out.
is there some kind of air lock preventing the ink to flow properly?
any ideas?

First off. 2012 ink is not going to work. It’s just way too old.

Second, if you are PiezoFlushing, make sure to prime the cartridges before you use them in an initial fill operation.

Third. These printers are pressurized. Before doing anything at the print-head end you must take the cartridges out so they are not pressurizing your system.


Thank you for the prompt reply.
what would you suggest me to do next?
do i get PZFK-7890-RCS-1G and flush the system.
if i need the flush kit can i combine it with my current order or do i cancel my current order and place an order together.

Hello waker

do you have a step by set process on how to depressurize the system and make the print head movable. to work on it

If you have already place one order, I would simply order the flush system as a separate order though our website (it keeps things simple with our warehouse an ensure everything gets picked and packed properly).


I’m sending you a PM on this.



i used the piezo flush kit and everything looks great. i am guessing i need to so some cleaning cycle since the nozzle check shows some blockage. too bad the flushing kit does not come with a chip resetter for the cart. had to do it twice.

It’s important at this point to let the PF sit for 48hrs to do its work.

We do not include the resetters by default as most of the customers who flush already have a resetter. But they are available here: Chip Resetter for 7900, 9900, 7890, 9890 refillable cartridges | InkjetMall


Hello walker
Should I put some pf on a paper towel and slide it under the print head.

While it wouldn’t hurt, the blocks you are seeing are most likely deeper in the nozzle channels. The PF simply needs to sit and do it’s job over time.


Couple of issues
my vivid light magenta have over 50% pf liquid but the display shows that i am low. what is causing this?20180215_13091220180215_130742

my nozzle check looks good except for the first one. that lines looks very jagged. does it need more cleaning?20180215_214535

lastly i am constantly getting cleaning error, whats causing this?20180215_170040

thanks for all the help!!