New 9800 cart issue

Filling a set of carts for 9800 - when priming the magenta cart it appears something has malfunctioned in the exit valve and ink freely leaks out the exit valve.

Is there a repair that can be done or is the cartridge faulty and need to be replaced?

Is ink really flowing or just a small amount of color?

Sometimes a small bit of ink will escape during the priming process (it’s normal to see a small dribble if the prime was done at an angle) but if the cartridge is not sealing in the printer and you see a lot of ink coming out in the wrong place, this is a problem cartridge.

Can you upload a photo of the cartridge?


When I filled it it was fine, but when I primed it it just continues to flow. I’m guessing if it was left on it’s side it would be empty in a few minutes.

AHHHH! This cart is missing the internal exit valve parts- please pour the ink back into the bottle, and we will ship you a replacement cart right away.

Thanks Dana :slight_smile: